December 2017


Well the party season is upon us!! Well for some people!! Matthew seems to have had an event most days!! Such a social butterfly 🤪! Actually he always has been - the man is impressive!!! He is the master of getting invited to free events!  He has been to Stag dos and not known the groom, he has been to stag dos and come back upgraded to Best Man status! I applaud him! Sooooo while Matthew parties for the both of us I get to watch all my favourite shitty programmes on TV!! Yaye get the boys to bed put on dodgy PJs and not get judged 🤓 I love it!! Good for the soul!!

I did go to one to one amazing Christmas 🎄 party! I look forward to it every year!  I arrived at a gorgeous London hotel dressed in my work stuff looking worse than the homeless person outside! Dirty trainers and ‘active wear’ - you get the picture! The hotel receptionist looked me up and down in horror! I got changed into parttayyy gear,  not quite a Cinderella moment but I was clean and had pretty shoes 👠 on! The party was amazing! Child free fun! Lots of vodka and processco! I finished the evening somehow  acquiring two bottles of wine and a door wreath - score!!! You can take the girl out of Birmingham.................

Christmas with the Ings

What a surprise - PJs!!

I always wonder if the boys would get less excited as they get older, that the magic would diminish somehow! But I’m pleased to inform you with younger children, it doesn’t! They still were counting down the days, loving having an advent calendar (or two...... or mine as well!!) everyday. We have little traditions that we started when they were little - Christmas Eve they open one gift which are always pyjamas (so they look nice Christmas morning 😂🎄) and a video message from Santa to find out if they are on the Nice or Naughty list!! Love it!!!

Lost..... power...... to.........stand!

The boys received a Xbox to share as their main present!! To share...... ha ha ha oh I’m so naive!! More ironic laughter - ha ha ha ha ha!! Visions of them playing happily together! Helping each other!!  Praising each other! Nah - fights on game time, fights on what game to play and fights on who gets to speak to their friends via their headset!! It’s heartwarming 🙈 

However, I am entertaining myself by taking the piss out of Ollie talking to his friends on his headset! Childish I know, but I really don’t care!! Every conversation is punctuated with three phrases!! It is said as one word! Try it with me: Didyouactually? Didsheactually? Diditactually?? Ahhh it’s annoying him sooooo much but until I get my TV back it is my only fun!!!

It’s So Unfair - Expectation v Reality

Happy New Year Everyone! 2018 baby!!

Little section I’m going to incorporate every month if I can!!



We will have such a laugh! Go to all the shops that they love! Find amazing things that Ollie will be so impressed with and realise he has the coolest parents in the world!! It will be amazing!!


Enter the first shop, Ollie finds a top he likes. I stupidly suggest to try it on as it looks kinda small. He refuses and refuses to buy it  because trying it on was pointless! Breathe - plaster on smile and continue. Then I suggest to try on some football boots, one of the things he wanted  (Louisa stop suggesting things for the love of god!!!!!!!!). He replied ‘ no they don’t fit ‘ WHAT?!??!! So youve tried every boot in this entire shop and you know that for A FACT that they all don’t fit! Reuben could see my happy cool parent demeanour was starting to slip so turned into angel child - look at this mummy, oh the birds are singing, you look so pretty today............ too late! Lost it, scary gut voice came screeching out and the rest of the shopping trip consisted of us walking behind each other looking miserable! It was fun!


Feed them first! Do not take teenagers shopping hungry - Hangry happens!! It’s not pretty and it breeds!!!!! Do not offer any opinion until it’s asked for. Be strong and hold on tight!!


Lou xx